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Saints & Sinners Bowling v1.0

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Harika bir bowling oyunu oynamaya ne dersiniz yanıtınız evetse bu oyun tam size göre ,turnuvalarda para kazanın yeni bowling toplarıyla gücünüzün zirvesine ulaşın...

Will you strike it rich on the Bowlers Tour, or will you succumb to moral and financial bankruptcy? Find out in Saints & Sinners Bowling, where you'll travel from alley to alley competing for prizes and "charms," which you and your opponents use to make shady deals and underhanded bets.

In Saints & Sinners Bowling, you get to experience the thrills and spills of life on The Bowlers Tour...with a twist!
The tour's alleys are host to local bowlers against whom you can compete, as well as tournaments that you can enter to win trophies and enhance your prestige.
Special charms and bowling balls give you (and your opponent!) a strategic advantage, and bowlers and spectators alike will vie for your attention by offering you quests, deals and bets while you bowl.
Make deals for money, unique bowling balls, new charms, and more!


* Explore all 10 unique bowling alleys.
* Play against a motley group of over 30 characters
* Collect all 20 strategic "good luck" charms and 30 unique bowling balls.
* Win tournament trophies and commemorative plates.
* 3 game modes and multiple stories to explore.

*System Requirements:

* OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* Processor: 500MHz or faster
* Graphics: DirectX 8.0
* Memory: 128 MB RAM
* Hard Drive Space: 25 MB

Boyut:12.8 mb


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