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Sana ihtiyacım var , bu ortamdan hayvanlarla ilgili birşey toplayarak bana yardım et. Ben bu felaketi doğuran herhangi bir numuneye ihtiyaç duyuyorum DNA analizi yapmak icin hadi acele et....Sitesinde bile henüz cıkmayan bu oyunu sizin beğeninize sunuyoruz, değişik bir eşleştirme oyunu tavsiye ederim...

Hi there since our situation is more serious than I thought, I'll be quick.
Last 24 hours were crazy. I have ended up here in Amazon rainforest
and things aren't looking good. What I need you to do is help me collecting
anything related to animals from this habitat. I need any sample you can
get to make proper DNA analysis and figure out whats causing this disaster
Ok here are a few things that can help you on the way Your backpack
contains several power items use these items to over come any obstacles
on your way. Watch out for the golden monkey ,golden spider and the hunter
they will capture your animals.


Boyut:39.5 mb


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