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Super 1 Karting

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Resmi ekleyen

Super 1 Karting , full go-cart simulasyonu ve Karting Grand Prix şampiyonası 3 boyutlu görüntüleriyle sizleri oynamaya davet ediyor...

Super 1 Karting is a game featuring a full go-cart simulation of the Karting Grand Prix Championship. The game will include accurately modeled 3D replicas of all the international circuits and go-carts used throughout the Karting GP season, and the player will have a choice of different class carts in which to race. In addition to the 11 circuits, there is a full, bonus GP circuit. The players have to work their way through the various classes earning racing licenses for each of the next cart classes, with the goal being to reach the GP circuit and win by driving a 150 mph cart.
Speed through chicanes, skid around corners, and put the pedal to the metal in the race
for the chequered flag. Super 1 karting simulation gives you the chance to test your mettle against 24 computer opponents or up to eight friends in link-up mode. Test yourself over a variety of tough circuits at speeds of up to 150Mph. Hear the engines scream as you floor the accelerator on any of the four different kart types.
You can tweak your racing machine to power around different tracks and opponents. You also have to contend with the realistic physics of the game as you hug the bends of the track.
You can customize your kart, adjusting the front and rear tire pressure, chassis stiffness, seat position, and front and rear wheel track. This game can be played using a mouse, keyboard, joystick or racing wheel.

* Large varied tracks allow up to 24 karts to race at the same time
* Four different classes of karts to master
* Simulation and Arcade modes
* 2 player split screen and 9 player link up

Boyut:25.8 mb


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