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Lost Dizisi - İlk 3 Sezon - En Önemli 100 Sahne | The Top 100 Lost Moments of First 3 Season

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    Sanki Çok Önemli Kararlar Alacak Gibiyim Ama, Du Bakalım ?

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And the Top 10 Lost Moments are...

10. Hurley's lotto numbers are on the side of the hatch: Because you could hear the entire Lost viewing population go, "OHHH MYYY GOOOOD" at once.

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9. Sawyer and Kate have hot jungle cage!######: Because that was a LONG time coming.

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8. Ethan is revealed as an Other: Because it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

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7. The Orientation Film: Because while it's hard to remember now, at the time we thought the island was totally uninhabited, except for a crazy French woman.

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6. Michael shoots Ana-Lucia and Libby: Because the Lost writers just knocked us out cold with that little one-two punch.

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5. The sky went purple: Because Desmond really had been saving the world. Brothah.

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4. Light going on in the hatch after Locke's desperate pleas: Because OMG.

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3. Danielle's transmission: Because I can't hear " Please help us. They are dead. They are all dead..." without getting major goosebumps.

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2. "Henry Gale" is revealed as leader of The Others: Because we knew he wasn't who he said he was, but we had NO idea who he really was.

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1. The crash: Because we wouldn't be here without it, and it is impossible to watch without your mouth hanging open.

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    Hey sen! Biz burda yabancıları güleryüzle karşılarız :)

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Ya biri bana şu diziyi bi anlatsa , kalan bölümleri izliycem ama şimdi nerden başlayayım bilemiyorum ;)

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